Tell Me Who Your Friends Are

We all grew up somewhere. In a home. Most with parents who shared with us their love, emotion, beliefs, work ethic and family values. I was an only child with great parents who both worked from the time I was 8 years old. Mom was quiet and reserved. My Dad was a hero – deaf since World War II, he was a Boy Scout leader, Sunday school teacher and role model for me.

My Dad was the one who inspired me with my collections of stamps, coins, rocks, fossils, campaign buttons, magic tricks, autographs and such. And he was the one who would provide words of wisdom – which for me were well-needed.

The one saying that he repeated often – while looking me straight in the eye – was “Son, tell me who your friends are – and I’ll tell you who you are.” Soooooo. . . . I tried to hang out with good guys. Fellow Boy Scouts and high school pals. Today – I am ever so fortunate/lucky/blessed to have great friends from the varied chapters of my life (why they hang out with me – I’ll never know).

When it comes to the international community – look at the United States. And the countries who are our friends. Someone could write a book on the “why” we have such friends but for the most part they are democracies who share a respect for life. Liberty. And for the human condition. And America shares those values.

And then there’s Russia. Syria. North Korea. China. Iran. Venezuela. Despotic, tyrannical, despicable leadership. With an approach to government guided by abuse, aggression, domination and suppression. Enforced by incarceration and murder. And these guys are “friends” with each other(!). Go figure. . . . .

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