Ukraine – Follow Up

On February 26th, I posted a letter that I had written to lawyers in Moscow – with whom I worked for nearly 30 years. In this interim, I have heard nothing from them. The Russian government discourages freedom of any sort. And I suspect that my prior email may have been intercepted by the gangsters who do the grunt work for Putin. So I just penned another letter – to these lawyer/colleagues. . . . .

Dear Colleagues,

In 3 weeks, Russia has lost over 14,000 soldiers – all sons of Russia.  The Russian people (as I am sure you know) never receive honest news as there is no freedom of speech.  And now many Russians are leaving your country.

Those who criticize Putin are jailed or killed because he (has privately told some) he wants to be Czar (or King).  Putin’s Army is now destroying hospitals (17 so far), schools and residences (“we want to break their spirit”). Putin has killed thousands of citizens and yet those who remain are solid in defending their homeland against this War against them.

Because so many Russian soldiers have been killed, Putin is now bringing in Syrian fighters (approx. 40,000) to kill Ukrainians. Only 4 countries support Russia’s War against Ukraine:  Syria, North Korea, Belarus and Eritrea.  A few countries are neutral.  And  87 countries oppose Russia’s invasion and War. 

Putin has talked of advancing into Moldova and now has hinted at the Baltic countries – which would start World War III.  I am sad.  Most of the world is sad at the poison Putin has brought upon the Ukraine and upon his own people. And the world.  

I apologize for writing again but I ask for you to reach out for news beyond what is being fed to you by Putin’s government. 

If I can answer any questions, please know that I am here.

With kind regards,

Scott Petersen