Ukraine – Follow Up

On February 26th, I posted a letter that I had written to lawyers in Moscow – with whom I worked for nearly 30 years. In this interim, I have heard nothing from them. The Russian government discourages freedom of any sort. And I suspect that my prior email may have been intercepted by the gangsters who do the grunt work for Putin. So I just penned another letter – to these lawyer/colleagues. . . . .

Dear Colleagues,

In 3 weeks, Russia has lost over 14,000 soldiers – all sons of Russia.  The Russian people (as I am sure you know) never receive honest news as there is no freedom of speech.  And now many Russians are leaving your country.

Those who criticize Putin are jailed or killed because he (has privately told some) he wants to be Czar (or King).  Putin’s Army is now destroying hospitals (17 so far), schools and residences (“we want to break their spirit”). Putin has killed thousands of citizens and yet those who remain are solid in defending their homeland against this War against them.

Because so many Russian soldiers have been killed, Putin is now bringing in Syrian fighters (approx. 40,000) to kill Ukrainians. Only 4 countries support Russia’s War against Ukraine:  Syria, North Korea, Belarus and Eritrea.  A few countries are neutral.  And  87 countries oppose Russia’s invasion and War. 

Putin has talked of advancing into Moldova and now has hinted at the Baltic countries – which would start World War III.  I am sad.  Most of the world is sad at the poison Putin has brought upon the Ukraine and upon his own people. And the world.  

I apologize for writing again but I ask for you to reach out for news beyond what is being fed to you by Putin’s government. 

If I can answer any questions, please know that I am here.

With kind regards,

Scott Petersen

3 thoughts on “Ukraine – Follow Up

  1. Denise Driscoll

    Thank you so much Scott for bravely helping.I love reading your articles…they give clarity!Like you and most everyone, I’m sad too.Praying more than ever…God bless us all,Denise

  2. drohrman


    First, I hope you are mending well! Second, your letter eloquently states the situation.

    A former law partner has a daughter who lives in Berlin with her husband, whose Dad is East German and mom is Russian living outside Berlin. They all are appalled by what Putin is doing. However, in a recent call with Mary Beth (the daughter) she related to us that their Russian uncle and their cousins in St Petersburg, otherwise intelligent and worldly people, are completely brainwashed…the Ukraine is full of Nazi cells, Zelinskyy is not Jewish or Ukrainian, all Ukrainians are lazy dupes of the US, the US is using biological warfare, and that only a few hundred unarmed Russian soldiers were ambushed and killed, and that no Russian Generals* have died. So…even reportedly otherwise intelligent people are apparently being misled or are willing to be misled.

    As always in distant war, we far-away observers don’t know much more than what CNN, etc regurgitate. I have found myself following old fashioned maps of Ukraine, not to mention Google Earth photos. Whatever the truth, the atrocities and crimes in the SE Ukraine are fairly obvious. Mariupol will be uninhabitable by whomever controls it. Kharkiv, historically a center of higher-learning, is a husk. Russian warfare has evolved from a show-of-power intrusion to the irrational anger and senseless flailing of a petulant and paranoid bully…many who know more than I are calling this war crimes and genocide.

    As with all dictators, such as the Czars, don’t listen what Putin says, pay very close attention to what he does…what he is doing is so awful, so-Nazi-ish, that he is taking pains to hide it from his “subjects”.

    I am sure you await a reply from your Russian colleagues…whatever it is, I hope to read it on RH.

    WW III, it seems to me, hangs in the balance. Whatever happens, Russia is not only a second world country, but risks total change in its political and social fabric into irrelevancy.

    Best wishes,


    * PS…an Onionesque quip: “Russia has lost so many generals and field grade officers, that Putin has decided to activate General Michael Flynn.”

    Sent from my iPad Douglass F. Rohrman Phone 312-391-3460 3576 Avenida Amorosa, Escondido, CA 92029


  3. Robert Lindstrom

    Well done, Scott. We can only hope that your message gets to those who need to see it.
    More of this kind of communication needs to happen. Do know any of his Generals!

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