Just Turn it Off

We are all concerned about our environment and about the conservation of water and energy.  For several years, I have posed a slogan for conserving water, energy and emissions. All we have to do is  Just Turn it Off®!   In my opinion, abiding by this simple but catchy phrase can make a difference. I mean — what’s not to like?   

WATER . . . .  We can’t live without it.  But there’s only so much of it on our planet.  And more than 95% of the water on our planet is salt water.  Thus it is natural that we would want to conserve our precious supply of fresh water, to use it sparingly and to keep it potable. Most of the water that enters our homes literally goes down the drain – into the sewer.  So what can the average person do to conserve fresh water and to preserve this valuable commodity for future generations?  JUST TURN IT OFF® By just “turning off” the water when it is not in use, you save gallons of fresh water every day.  If every person in America saved one gallon of fresh water daily, that translates to a savings of hundreds of millions of gallons of fresh water. So what can you do to help?  JUST TURN IT OFF®

●  When shaving, instead of leaving the water run, JUST TURN IT OFF®.  And turn it on to rinse the razor as needed.

●  When taking a shower, turn on the water – get it to the temperature desired – stand under the shower and then JUST TURN IT OFF®.  Soap down while the water is off. Frankly you will probably get cleaner than if the water just continues pouring down the drain.

●  When rinsing dishes, instead of leaving the water run, JUST TURN IT OFF® and turn it on to rinse the next plate or pan. 

●  When watering outdoor plants and shrubs, make each drop count.  Use an on/off nozzle so that when moving from one plant to the next, you can JUST TURN IT OFF®

●  Toilets should provide a flushing choice for disposing of liquid and solid waste. And you don’t have to flush every time if you get my drift. 

●  Rely on Mother Nature to water the lawn.  Use sprinklers only when necessary.

●  Wash only full loads of laundry. 

Let me know of any ideas you have to conserve water or energy!