Be a Hero

Do you respect the bully? Or the nice guy/gal? The character who pushes you around, threatens you and gives you a punch now and then? Or the one who comes to your aid. Who helps you when the chips are down?   

Kim Jong Un wants respect for North Korea.  And yet he has no clue on how to get it.  He thinks that by threatening, killing and abusing — by bullying — he will be “respected.”  And that he will insulate his country from encroachment.   Duhhhhh (cue the drool).       

Ponder this. . . .  the 2004 tsunami in Sumatra/Indonesia.  The tsunami that hit Japan in 2011 killing 18,000.  Most nations of the world rallied to help the victims.  But not North Korea.  After Hurricane Katrina, 150 countries offered to help America.  But not North Korea.  The hurricanes of Houston and Florida have prompted worldwide concern and offers of assistance.  But . . .  you know.   

Just think if Kim Jong Un had told America – “We don’t have much but I will send you people. . . . to help with the recovery from your terrible tragedies.”  You tell me.  What would happen to North Korea’s (and Kim Jong Un’s) reputation?  It would launch like an ICBM.  And take the world off guard.   Kim Jong Un might even become something of a hero in our (allegedly though everyone knows it’s not) “mainstream” media. I’m keenly aware that there are cultural differences, economic limitations and foreign policy impediments that guide Kim Jong Un and his Hermit Kingdom.  But those differences and concerns are similar to those that guide the 150 countries that did offer their help.  Wouldn’t it be nice if Kim Jong Un would think outside his tiny little box.  I’m not gonna hold my breath . . . . .  (see post of July 10, 2014).

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