So How do we Heal?

Raise your hand if you want to spend the next year as angry and as worried about politics, political parties, liberals, conservatives, global tensions, social trauma, antifa, alt right and “stuff” that you don’t like.  Come on.  Hands up?    

I don’t see any hands. . . . .

In my prior post, I spoke of Jonathan Haidt’s classic book – The Righteous Mind.  It is – in my opinion – an excellent distillation of (as the subtitle says) – why good people are divided by politics and religion.  If you don’t have the time (or will) to read it, I want you to do something.  Please.  I am asking you. . . .   Spend 20 minutes to watch a Ted Talk.  It is an interview with Jonathan Haidt, the author.   The subject is “Can a Divided America Heal.”  

Pew Research shows that our feelings about those on the “other side” of our hardwired beliefs have now morphed from dislike into disgust.  And hatred.  And a belief that the “other side” is a threat to us and to our nation.  Each side is developing its own moral matrix of what is right (or righteous) such that the issues that divide us are now greater than ever before.

This is a Ted Talk worth watching.  Twice.  Or three times.  And worth sending on to others.  I want my grandchildren – and their grandchildren – to grow up in an America that has civil discourse.  And respectful disagreement.  I believe you do too.    

Please.  20 minutes is all I ask. . . . .