Rocket Man. . . . .

Kim Jong Un will never be a “hero.”  Kim Jong Un and his two forebears have been monsters that have fed off the lifeblood of their people.  North Korea is little more than a brutal and dehumanizing gulag posing as a nation.   The poor souls of North Korea are dying like flies.  Starvation.  Illness.  Abuse.  With no care, no concern, no sympathy from the Rocket Man.  Who lives like a god. . . . .

If you want to get a feel for the abyss that is North Korea (beyond The Orphan Master’s Son) there are three TED Talks (12 minutes each) that I would suggest you watch.  Two are offered by Korean women who lived in the North.  One escaped (her tale is captivating).  The other was brought in as a teacher to sons of the elite.   The third is a young man who was orphaned at 13.  And he escaped to China.  and  and  These TED Talks are powerful, incisive and compelling.  They should make you angry . . . .    

How do you deal with incarnate evil that is Kim Jong Un?  It would be nice if China would encourage refugees to cross the river and allow resettlement.  But presently, China captures refugees and sends them back to North Korea where most are then killed.  If China changed this policy, maybe they could be a hero. . . . .    


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