Hemo the Magnificent

When I was 10 years old, I was introduced to “Hemo the Magnificent.” Hemo was one of 9 one hour science films sponsored by Bell Telephone – produced in 1957 by Frank Capra – for use in the classroom. I first saw “Hemo the Magnificent” while at Skyline Ranch in Estes Park, CO. I remember watching it several times at Skyline and even buying a CD when our daughter was young. “Hemo the Magnificent” is a tutorial on blood, the human body – and how organs of the body play their respective roles. I just watched it again while pedaling furiously (heart pumping, lungs panting) on the recumbent bicycle. It is clear. Poignant. And amazingly educational for children or guys like me who have yet to “grow up.” Watch the full movie – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08QDu2pGtkc

On 10/14/2012, I posted on the topic of blood. Thousands of years of evolution have split human blood into four basic “types”: A, B, O and AB. Each has a postive (+) and negative (-) (called “RH”) component as well.   Roughly 43% of us are type O; 40% type A; 12% type B; and 5% type AB with interesting geographic, racial and ethnic differences in blood type and RH distribution.  Each blood type has its own characteristics, strengths . . . . and weaknesses.

Type O is the oldest blood type in the world with the most robust digestive system.  Type O needs animal protein for good health but may have trouble with wheat and gluten.   Thrives on vigorous workouts.  Less prone to heart disease.  O negative is a universal donor.

Type A has a more fragile digestive system which has trouble tolerating 4 legged protein.  This blood type might do well as a vegetarian.  Can be lactose intolerant and anemic.  Iron and Vitamin B-12 supplements may be helpful. 

Type B may have difficulty with wheat and gluten though dairy is usually just fine.  Chicken may cause health issues due to an agglutinating lectin which may adversely affect the circulatory system. 

Type AB is the new kid on the block having been around for perhaps 1,000 years.  Should avoid red meat especially smoked and cured meats as AB shares the low stomach acid of Type A and diminished stomach acid leaves one more prone to stomach cancer.

Watch “Hemo.” With children or grandchildren. He will help with understanding all of this. . . . . 

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