A Car Guy

Donna and I toodle around in a silver Lexus of recent vintage. Nice machine. All the bells and whistles, maps, guidance and extras. It’s what we drive hither and yon. We enjoy it together. When Donna needs to go somewhere, she drives the Lexus. However . . . .

We have a second car that normally only I drive. It is. . . my favorite car. It is a 1999 Ford Explorer with 91,600 miles on the odometer. We bought it new – 22 years ago. We’ve discussed the prospects of a new(er) car. But “we” really have no need for one. Donna drives the Lexus and I drive the Ford. I would prefer to drive the Ford in heavy snows and icy streets. It is like an aging gorilla (much like the driver) who knows the ropes. And roads.

I’ve never thought of myself as a “car guy” like some chaps who enjoy fixing and tuning their own cars. Or who like fancy cars, speed or state-of-the-art vehicles. Truth be told, our ’99 Ford does not have functioning air conditioning (which can be an issue when it’s blazing hot). And the radio imaging doesn’t work so apart from the channel selection buttons (or the “Scan” button that still works), I’d have no idea where I am on the dial. On the flip side, I do keep this machine well-oiled and souped up. New tires. New transmission. Brakes. Power steering. Yadda yadda. And every time I bring it in for servicing, one or two of the chaps there will sidle up and ask if I want to sell it.

I never really thought of myself as a car guy. But maybe – just maybe – I am. . . . .

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