How High Can You Jump?

(A summer repeat from August 11, 2011)
I have the aerodynamics of a sofa. “How high can you jump?” never resonated with me since the answer was never one I wished to share (“I can barely get off the ground“).

In the 1900 Olympics, no high jumper could hope to succeed unless he did the scissors kick to launch himself over the high bar. It was thought no one would ever jump higher – that is until 1920 when the track and field world was stunned by a high jumper who dove over the bar. This added nearly two feet to the world’s record. It was thought that no one would ever jump higher – that is until 1968 when a young man from Oregon revolutionized high jumping at the Mexico City Olympics by going over the bar backwards! Today, as a high jumper if you cannot master the “Fosbury flop,” you may as well take your gym bag and go home.

So how high can you jump? What do you do to challenge yourself? Improve yourself? Motivate yourself – and others? What goals do you set? And reach? I like to think that the sky is the limit. W.N. Murray who was on the Scottish Himalayan Expedition said “Whatever you can do or dream you can. . . begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” So go. See how high you can jump.

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