Maybe it’s Just Me

[An update from March 29, 2017] I am diligent about conserving water.  Turning off light switches.  Turning off the car rather than wasting gas – and polluting the environment.  Recycling.  Since 2008, I have promoted my registered trademark – JUST TURN IT OFF® – whenever and wherever I can. To get people to be aware of our fragile environment – and to take steps to protect it.  I’ve frequently posted on the subject of conservation.  If you want to see what rankles me, see April 10, 2016.  

That said, I continue to have questions about climate change.  It’s not a scientific law.  Nor a theory.  Or a hypothesis.  It is a consensus.  Of some people.   It’s interesting that there are scientists and respectable folks with differing views on the subject.  But have you noticed how those who raise questions about climate change are put down?  Vilified?  By some politicians. And the “media.” By those who have drunk the Kool Aid (“Eeek!  He’s asking questions!”)?  Great.  That’s really productive. But why silence those who ask questions about climate change?  Why squelch discussion?    What ever happened to civil discourse? Most folks agree that shutting down carbon emissions and pollution is needed. But how about some constructive discussion on the underlying topic. By all sides.  Since discussion, analysis, diagnosis and then consensus may be more productive. And help solve our world’s environmental problems.

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