And furthermore. . . .

On September 7, 2014, I posted on “Life after High School”   The post suggested a one year curriculum for high school students on balancing a check book; shopping; simple first aid; spending money wisely; relationships and respect; job interviews; nutrition; cooking simple meals; raising babies; investing; and so on. These are topics which a young person could put to good use after high school. Many kids will go to college. Many will not. But learning how to respect a spouse, show your best to a prospective employer, and deal intelligently with a screaming baby would be a plus for everyone in America.

But there are two additional courses that I would add for high school students.  History and economics.  Studies suggest that millenials are not taught the important events, participants or dates in American history.  And few learn the basics of economics.   The same might be said of a few of our political candidates. . . . 

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