Donating Blood

I received a number of comments on my post relating to blood type and health. Here’s one from my fraternity brother:   “I’m O-neg, I’m a carnivore, and I’ve given over 100 blood donations (over a dozen gallons), including to babies. I think it’s one of the reasons God keeps me around!”   Here’s another from one of my Boy Scout pals:  “I have given 26 gallons whole and done 250 platelet donations.”

Years ago – I began donating blood.  Mainly because I heard that there were health benefits (especially for men) in doing so.  And I’m on the bone marrow registry.  But maybe I’ve been stingy – judging by the generosity of my friends.   I probably went to Lifesource (the local donation venue) a dozen times.  Though I haven’t been for a few years.   

Only 37% of the American population is eligible to donate blood.  Yet according to the American Red Cross only 3% of those eligible donate.  Thus – there is nearly always a shortage for the 4.5 million Americans who need a blood transfusion each year.  The four blood types were first identified in 1901 by Dr. Karl Landsteiner (won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1930).  Of the four – O negative is the “universal donor” that can be given to all blood types. 

Every person has about 10 pints of blood in his/her body.  How about tithing?  Give a pint to your local donation center.  It’s not about the hour you’ll spend.  It’s about the life you may save. . . . .       

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