Carry On

Donna and I just returned from a 14 day adventure – to Rome, the Amalfi Coast and Sicily. It was wonderful. But this trip was was different from all other trips we’ve been on in one key – and defining – way. We traveled with carry on.  No checked luggage.

Normally, when going on a trip, Donna and I will pack so as to be prepared for white water rafting, dinner at the White House, cocktails with Georgio Armani or a attending a barbecue at the King Ranch. This time, we pared down our wardrobes such that I had little more than a toothbrush, an extra pair of Jockey Juniors and a golf shirt. Even in the limited space, Donna was able to pack such that when we arrived at our destinations, opening her suitcase was like springing open the door of the clown car at the circus. . . . .

For me, this has been something of a Damascus Road conversion. I can’t deny that one day I may decide to fill up three suitcases for a weekend trip to Rock Island. But I do believe that Donna and I have both turned a transportational paraphernalia corner.

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