Should vaping be banned? San Francisco has banned the sale of e-cigarettes.  Earlier this week, Governor Charles Baker of Massachusetts called for a four month ban on all vaping products.  So have a few other municipalities. The sale of flavored e-cigarettes was discontinued by Juul – the e-cigarette maker – about a year ago. Yet the CDC has posited that e-cigarettes may be as much as 95% safer than combustible cigarettes.  And vaping decreases nicotine addiction.  So what’s the issue?

There have been 7 deaths in America linked to e-cigarettes (perhaps because of unauthorized additives).  Many others have gotten sick.  And some young people are vaping – especially the flavored vaping products.    

I’m not a fan of vaping.  Or smoking.  But the CDC acknowledges 480,000 deaths annually from smoking including 41,000 deaths from secondhand smoke.  I can see having strict regulation of vaping (and elimination of “flavors”).  But smoking still seems to be an elephant wandering around the room . . . . .