[Last Sunday, October 27th, my Op Ed was published in the print and online editions of the Chicago Tribune on the “Perspectives” page.  I thought you might enjoy reading it]

Watch when little children play. They don’t care if the other children are black, white or Asian. There is no concern if they are German, Mexican, Pakistani or Canadian. It matters not if they are Christian, Jewish, Muslim or Hindu. The children play. In innocence.  It is perhaps instructive that all faith and non-faith traditions ascribe a quality of “innocence” to children. 

The question is:  are we “better” having grown up?  Are adults “superior” to children in their ability to interact with others?   Why — as adults — do we lose that precious gift of innocence?   

Perhaps there is a message to be learned — that we as adults ought maintain some level of innocence toward our human being, regardless of perceived differences.   When we see the violence and hatred and enmity being cast about – from local town halls to international dealings – one has to wonder if the children of the world shouldn’t be in charge.