It used to be that when a headlight or tail light on your car was burned out, you were susceptible to getting a ticket — for a moving violation. Today it seems that this threat has dissipated (or disappeared entirely).

When I was in high school – and college – when driving with a girl — and you saw an oncoming car with a burned out headlight tail light, we would yell “Padiddle!” And the guy could kiss the girl. If the girl yelled “Padiddle” first, then she had the option to say “yes” or “no” to the smooch.  I was pretty lucky with “yes” in this department and anyway. . . .

Today, I find myself saying “padiddle” more and more often.  It seems there are more and more cars on the highway with padiddle-worthy lighting systems.  Donna and I sometimes collect the padiddle kiss at the end of the drive. . . . .  But I have to wonder why people care little – about the padiddle factor.  I see headlights and tail lights out all the time.  And why the police are so quick to turn away from a potential pullover.  And fine.  Next time you’re out driving, just watch for those padiddle-worthy vehicles.   Oh – and guys – umm . . .  you know. . . .    

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