There are 790,000 law enforcement officers in the United States. But the deluge of negative comment about a handful of bad cops has led to demonstrations, disrespect, attacks – and worse – against all members of the “Thin Blue Line'” (see my post of November 16, 2015). And sooooo. . . .

What would you do – if you were a police officer. 

In Chicago, police have scaled back stops even for reasonable cause.  They’re cutting back on stop and frisk (see August 23, 2013).  Instead – the police simply respond to “911” calls.  They go.  Pick up the bodies.  And shell casings.  And go home.

In 2016, more than 700 were murdered in the Windy City.  That’s two killings a day!  Thousands upon thousands shot.  But now – the police who are under continuous siege from the Left (in Chicago and other big cities) are throwing in the towel.  And simply responding to the carnage and violence . . . .   Chalk up another. 

Tell me if you would do any different.  What’s the answer?      

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