Why People are Late

Each morning I get up, check my email and lurch down the stairs.  I make the coffee, get the newspaper, make my breakfast and chow down my cereal and sip two cups of coffee while reading the paper and watching “Squawk Box.”   

All the while, I keep a weather eye on the clock.  Why?  Because I have to catch a train.  If I miss the train, I miss the train.   The train waits for no one.   I’m left standing.  And I’m late.   Therefore I always allot myself precisely 14 minutes to walk from my house to the train station.   And I catch my train.  I am on time.  Ta daaaahhhh. . . . .   

I don’t like waiting.  Drumming my fingers.  And I don’t want people waiting for me.  If I say I will be there at 5:45 pm, I will be there a few minutes early.  Sure – there’s a reasonable “fudge factor” but generally, I feel one should live up to time obligations.  I have a theory.  People who do not need to catch a train or a bus or an airplane for work (or link life to the clock on some other time-sensitive obligation) have less incentive to be on time.  Hence . . . . there may be a higher incidence of running late. Think about it.  Test my theory.   

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