I told you so. . . .

In my post of March 11, 2018 (“He’s Back“), I shared my elan for Tiger Woods.  And I predicted that he would make a come back. Well Pilgrims. . . . fasten your seat belts. He’s back.  Big time.  Tiger won the Tour Championship this last weekend. And he missed winning all the marbles in the FEDEX Cup Championship by one stroke (a birdie on the 18th by Justin Rose gave him the title).

As I mentioned in that earlier post (and one on January 31, 2013), Tiger is the best thing golf has ever seen.  Last Sunday, did  you see the crowd following him!!??  Did you hear the cheering?  Did you sense the spirit for the game?  In the post-win interview, Tiger laughed that he thought he was going to be “run over.”   And that’s the way that some of Tiger’s competition felt (witness Rory’s sheer drop from second place). 

Tiger is 42 years old.  And still has tournaments to win.  On to the Ryder Cup!  Spend five minutes and 42 seconds and watch – Tiger’s greatest shots (see  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2AvRfxgpL4   ).   And then spend two minutes on  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpRmF__A33U   OH MY!!!  


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