Civil War

America had one civil war with over 620,000 men killed (2% of America’s population).  That’s one too many.  Let’s hope we’re not on tap for another.  But according to a June 2018 Rasmussen poll, 31% of Americans are concerned about another civil war within the next five years.  Only 29% of Americans believe a civil war is “not at all likely.”   

We’re coming off of eight painful years of Obama — that divided and weakened America.   Now we have Trump.  Friends and families are divided.  Over politics.  Today, the nation seems more polarized than ever.  Decisions are made along party lines.  By Democrats who are evil.  Republicans who are stupid.  And a President who is an arrogant jerk.  There is no compromise.  No quarter.  America has become dangerously tribal. Identity politics.  Everyone has a righteous mind (see 7/6/14).  That is closed.  With no room for facts.  Logic.  Or truth.     

Not many Americans are happy about this situation.  Contemptuous undisciplined tweets from the White House.  Revenge over compromise in the Senate.  Ideology over patriotism in the House.  Rising global tension.  A toxic press that is ravaged by its own partisanship.    

America.  The United States of . . . .  Wouldn’t it be nice if a pledge of allegiance to our nation came back into fashion?  Conciliation? Compromise?  Civil discourse?  Charity?  That’s way too much to ask of anyone in Washington.  But for the rest of us?  Can we do anything to improve things?  Or should we just take a knee. . . .