Cold Desserts

I have a righteous mind (see September 3, 2017). I am right on everything.  And so it is — when it comes to food.  And desserts.   

I like blueberry pie.  Cherry pie.  Bread pudding.  Carrot cake.  But desserts are not meant to be heated.  They are intended to be served cold.  Like – out of the fridge.  Heat your filet.  Or mashed potatoes.  Or French toast.  Or scrambled eggs.  But dessert?  Never!! 

Those of you who have been with Donna and me for dinner know that if I order dessert (“if” . . . . HA!) I will order something that will be delivered COLD.  I love bread pudding and so I will ask for the bread pudding delivered from the refrigerator.  Or freezer.  Wait staff look at me like I’m a moon rock.  Room temperature?  Yuck.  Warmed?  I’m gonna be sick.  All desserts should be served cold.   

So when it comes to desserts, it may be de gustibus non est disputandum (see August 3, 2017).  But I know I’m right. . . . .