The W.C.

It should be comforting to know that four national organizations have now identified 22 different genders.  Being a “man” or “woman” is no longer the norm. I’m not sure if this means we will now have 22 different bathroom doors to choose from but we may be going in that direction (see CBS News report ).  That said, I have a suggestion.  

We just got back from Europe having been on a Baltic Cruise (Regent).  We left Copenhagen a few days ago.  Europe has a much easier solution to this situation.  Unisex bathrooms.  Everyone walks in the same door (marked “W.C.”) and goes into a stall.  In some countries, the men who stand up to do their business simply go behind a chest high partition while others – men and women – pick a stall and walk in.  There are no looks.  No questions.  No embarrassment.  Everyone – and I mean everyone – belongs.  And is accepted.  To me, this makes a lot of sense.  It’s smart.  Rather than having to decide between door number 11 or door number 16. . . . .  

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