It Ain’t Perfect. . . .

I have heard it said that golf is 65% mental and 35% mental. Having played “at” the game for a long time, I believe it.  The game of golf doesn’t happen on the fairway or on the green.  It takes place between the ears.  

I just finished reading (for the third time) Dr. Bob Rotella’s classic work – Golf is Not a Game of Perfect.  I like to feel that I have been steeped in the mental nuance of the game to the point that I should be on the PGA Tour.  Well, maybe the Hooters Tour.  Or the Old Guys with Bad Breath Tour.  But so far, I’m in a holding pattern.  With a 16+ index and an inconsistent short game.  And long game.  And putting game. . . . .

Rotella is a master though at providing positive reinforcement.  At each reading, I have a pen in hand.  Making marginal notes.  Writing on 3″ x 5″ cards.  Scribbling Rotella’s wisdom on the blank pages fore and aft.   You would think that with such diligence, my game would be. . . . never mind.  

Dr. Bob’s mantra is to concentrate on the short game.  Pick the smallest possible target.  Visualize the ball going into the hole.  Negative thinking is almost always successful.   If I were to distill this (really wonderful) tome into one word, it would be “confidence.”   Confidence in club selection.  Setup.  Swing.  And result.  It didn’t work today.  Maybe I need to read the book again.      

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