When I was a kid, I’d ride my Schwinn Phantom to school and park it in the bike rack on the playground. Unchained. After school, I’d go to the rack, get my bike and ride home. On arriving home, I’d walk in the side door (my parents both worked) which was usually unlocked.  And I’d go about my business of being a 10 year old.  When my parents came home, we’d sometimes go out for pizza.  We’d walk out the unlocked door, get in the unlocked car, drive to Fadaro’s (an old favorite) and walk in — leaving the car unlocked.    

None of my friends locked their bikes.  Even when riding into town.  Most friends left their homes unlocked too.  And no one ever locked their cars.  I mean why?    

Of course today, we live in a much better America.  As some will tell you.  But everybody locks everything.  All the time.   And if someone goes to steal your bike from the rack – or your car – and you give him a punch or two, who gets in trouble?  Yep.  Not the scumbag.  No my friend.  You will get in hot water.  And you might get sued.

Hmmm. . . Vigilante justice?  Is that wrong?  You tell me.   Beer for my horses . . . . . (see April 16, 2015).       

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