Adam and Eve.  The first names of the first people.   These names are still – after millennia – clearly in vogue (I can attest to the latter). 

I saw an article which talked about the most popular girls’ names. The top ten are:
1 Emma
2 Olivia
3 Ava
4 Sophia
5 Mia
6 Isabella
7 Charlotte
8 Amelia
9 Harper
10 Abigail

How quickly time passes.  I remember the top ten girls’ names of my relatives:  LaVerne; Mildred; Edna; Lois; Myrna; Hilma; Lillian; Greta; Ruth; and Bernice.  All are fine names – to be sure.  But today, I haven’t seen many girls being named from this wellspring of examples.    

And then we move to the girls’ names of generations long past:  Hortence; Mona; Gertrude; Fannie; Faye; Mabel; Beulah; Maude; Beatrice; Myrtle; Ethel . . . . .  Good names as well but I don’t see Hortence or Fannie making a comeback anytime soon.  

And funny thing – I don’t see “Bambi” on anyone’s list. . . . .