He Could Have Done So Much

When he was sworn into office, there was a groundswell of optimism – about what might be accomplished during his Presidency:  economic recovery, stability and prosperity; peace at home and abroad; improved racial relations; improved educational performance and opportunity; cooperation in government; sensible spending and taxation; and on.  And on.  I was one who had hoped.   

After nearly eight years, where are we?  Stagnant economy.  A near doubling of national debt.  More taxes.  Regulations out of control.  Racial tensions.  Open contempt for police.  Anger.  Hatred and disrespect on all “sides.”  Increased danger across the globe.  Terrorism.  A perilous Iranian nuke deal.  Cuba is now our pal and we’ve pulled the plug on Israel.  Trusted allies turning their backs on America.  Many countries and world leaders – giving America the proverbial finger.  A new Cold War.  China/Russia rapprochement.  A dismantled military. Executive orders to openly disobey laws which are on the books (illegal immigration; sanctuary cities; legalizing marijuana and in some cases other drugs).  Pardons for 944 dealers of hard drugs (more pardons than the last 11 Presidents combined).  Trampling on free speech.  Political correctness gone berserk.  Trivializing of religion.  Obamacare in total meltdown.  Corruption.    Poverty on the rise.  Education sinking further into the abyss.  Groveling apologies for America’s greatness.  And on.  And on.

I am deeply concerned about the next four years. If you aren’t concerned, you must be an ostrich.  Or one who cares more about ideology – than America.