Are We Embarrassed Yet?

Is anyone embarrassed about the state of politics in America?  Disappointed?  Angry?  Think about it. . . . .

Donald Trump.  A derisive, racist and despicable bully. Would you want /trust him as a friend?  If your 1st grader acted like him, you would march him off to his room.  He would deserve a sharp whack.   

Hillary Clinton.  Corrupt.  Arrogant.  Liar.  Has more baggage than the Queen Mary (that goes back 40+ years).  

And of course there’s still Bernie Sanders.  Wants to turn America into Venezuela with long shuffling lines for gas, food, bread and water.  Never held a real job in his life.   All he talks about is stealing money from those who pay taxes.   

Why couldn’t it be Joe Biden against Mitt Romney?  Seriously.  Whatever your politics, most would concede that Biden and Romney are good/honest individuals.   What ever happened to guys like Ronald Reagan?  JFK?  Ike?  Even Bill Clinton?

If America’s choices in November are this toxic trio, as I said on April 16, 2016, I will write in the name of someone who is honest.  Dependable.  Has integrity.  Treats everyone with respect.  My poodle.  Name is “Daisy.”  D-A-I-S-Y.    Yes.  I am serious. 

3 thoughts on “Are We Embarrassed Yet?

  1. John Stonebraker

    Some disagreement here, Scott. Biden: 1. Lied about his law school rank. 2. Blatantly plagiarized a speech from a British politician-word for word. 3. Intentionally blindsided Clarence Thomas as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee by telling him his (Biden’s) questions would be softball, related solely to his suitability to serve on the Court and not personal at all. Read Thomas’ splendid My Grandfather’s Son. Biden is a not very bright crook who got where he his with a bright smile, a pleasing personality and voter sympathy when his wife and one son (as I recall) were killed by a drunk driver, and further deserved sympathy when his fine son died of a brain tumor. S.

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  2. Skip

    I do not support Trump. I’m not even sure he’s truly Republican. Might be a plant by the Clintons. 😄

    At the same time I absolutely will not vote for Hillary. I believe she put the security of everyone in the Western world at risk with her E-mail stunt.

    I thought about writing-in my vote for Jeb Bush. Backed away from that because it would improve Hillary’s chances in Florida. I will not do anything that improves her chances, no matter how distasteful the options.

    So yes, I’m both sad and concerned.

  3. Don Fagerberg

    Daisy may have just won our votes also.

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    On Sun, Jun 19, 2016 at 1:32 PM, Renaissance Hombre wrote:

    > scottpetersen posted: “Is anyone embarrassed about the state of politics > in America? Disappointed? Angry? Think about it. . . . . Donald > Trump. A derisive, racist and despicable bully. Would you want /trust him > as a friend? If your 1st grader acted like him, you would m” >

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