Listen to the Crickets. . . .

My daughter was driving my 4 year old granddaughter to camp earlier this week. The windows were down.  As they approached a train crossing gate, Eve yelled to Lauren “SLOW DOWN!” Lauren turned and dutifully slowed down.  And stopped the car by the crossing gate.  And looked back at Eve.

Eve said “listen mommy . . . . listen to the crickets.” And through the open windows came a heavenly choir of chirping crickets – or “hot bugs” as I used to call them – singing in the trees.  And Eve said “listen” to the chorus of birds singing.  Lauren said she had really not paid attention.  It took a 4 year old to appreciate this music of nature. 

When I heard this story, my eyes got a bit misty.  I know we are often told to stop and smell the flowers but I’ve never really thought of stopping to listen to the crickets.   There are five traditionally-recognized methods of perception:  taste; touch; smell; sight; and sound.  Five senses.

I love the smell of a campfire.  The taste of spaghetti carbonara, the sight of a golf ball (my golf ball) heading toward the green and the feel of hot sand under my feet.  But I sometimes forget about slowing down to truly enjoy the world’s auditory offerings.  Like listening to crickets.