Fireworks – Redux

On this eve of Independence Day, I thought I would have a rare “repeat.”  This one is from October 10, 2012.

So what do you think about fireworks? Firecrackers? Cherry bombs? Should they be legal? I was in Wisconsin this last weekend and the fireworks stores seem to outnumber cows.  The weekend festivities were punctuated by the staccato of firecrackers or boom of a larger “device.”

When I was 9 years old (and on), I loved firecrackers and fireworks. Loved the smell of cordite. We used to break open firecrackers, shake out the fulminate of mercury powder into cigar tubes with homemade fins, balance them on an incline and then light a fuse sending the “rocket” skyward (often with an enormous explosion). We would pack match heads into the tubes, pouring in the powder for more incendiary displays.  And bombs.  It was wonderful! 🙂 Every guy had a supply of firecrackers, cherry bombs, M-80’s and such.

I am keenly aware of all of the arguments of the armchair howlers (“what about accidents?” “they can blow your finger off!”).  Give me a break.  I believe that fireworks (at least firecrackers) have a place in a young boy’s life. Wisconsin and 39 other states have got it right. Illinois – as usual (with its regulations on everything) – is marching to the wrong drummer. . . . .