Speaking of food. . . . .

When I head to the golf course on weekends, I usually drive by two popular breakfast spots (Ridgeview and Sarki’s for those of you in the ‘hood).  I have all I can do – to not stop. And have a second breakfast.

It is the smell of bacon. Cooking. That starts twisting the wires in my primitive brain.  Gets me blinking.  Drooling.  Twitching.  Bacon. Is there anything better than the smell of bacon?  Yes – the taste of bacon.  I love bacon.  Well-done and usually piled alongside an omelet or a stack of French toast.  “And” a stack of French toast is okay too. . . . .

But alas my bacon days have been severely limited by a breakfast regimen of high fiber cereal and fruit.  And dinners featuring two-legged or no-legged protein and vegetables.  But once a month or so, Donna and I will go out for dinner.  And go to Walker Brothers Pancake House.  And it is there that I let my hair down (no wisecracks) and tear down the fences.  “I’ll have the bacon and cheese omelet, hash browns and six orders of bacon – well-done.”  I’m sure my heart is going “the man is CRAZY again. . . . let’s get pumping . . . .”  There is spaghetti carbonara (see post of 8/9/2011); bacon, lettuce & tomato sandwiches (“hold the lettuce & tomato“); and those appetizers made with thick bacon and maple syrup.  Be still my heart.  But not too still. . . . . 

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