The Thin Blue Line

When I grew up, I was inculcated with the notion that ALL lives mattered. Not just black ones. . . .

I’m insulted. And offended. When I hear some Black Lives Matter folks calling on their brethren to “kill police.” Let’s have a show of hands — who agrees with these people??

When I was a States Attorney, I worked with the police every day. Hundreds of them. You know what? Most were good guys (a few gals) (see my post of 3/20/14).  Sure – there were occasional bad apples (and you deal with them) but most were just doing their job.  A pretty good job.  Of protecting the public.  Thus, I stand behind the police. I stand behind that thin blue line.

I would invite all of you to stand behind the police in your community. And for Mayor de Blasio of New York and the Black Lives Matters folks who urge violence — if you won’t stand behind the police, when the ISIS (or bad guy) bullets start flying — please stand in front of them.

One thought on “The Thin Blue Line


    Great to see you and Donna. Nice message. My son’s an officer near Minneapolis. Most of the time it’s routine but the druggies and suicides wear on him.

    Are you familiar with a conservative black radio commentator named Charles Butler?

    Ran into him at breakfast and had an interesting hour conversation . While he is too rigid on some issues I appreciated his ability to carry a balanced exchange on racial attitudes. Of course he doesn’t really understand why many blacks think he acts too white. Complex.

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