Gluten – II

In my post of August 13, 2013, I discussed gluten and how gluten can compound (sometimes dramatically) the effects of arthritis. We are not talking celiac disease which is an allergic reaction to gluten. We are talking gluten intolerance.

I spoke of how gluten exacerbated Donna’s arthritis issues. She has been on the gluten-free wagon for a while. That along with limited four-legged protein and modest dairy really helps.   

I’ve got foot pain. And bad knees. So some months ago, I got serious about going off gluten.  And I’ve pretty much stayed off of it.  Know what?  I feel better.  Fast forward to last week. I had a sandwich with regular bread and some real McCoy pasta.  And cold (the only way) bread pudding for dessert.   Yum?  Not.  Next morning I woke up.  Eyes blinked open and . . . . I knew something was different.  I got up and my feet and legs started talking to me – Petersen, you are a knucklehead (see February 13, 2014).   In fact, Petersen, you are a #@%x!*^.  There was significant pain.  And I lurched through my day.  From now on, I’m going to listen to my feet and legs.  And be more serious about avoiding gluten.

Arthritis affects 80% of the aging population.  But going off gluten could help many in minimizing its effects.  And feeling better.  Downside?  None.        

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