Watch for Anomalies

I have only repeated one post in 4+ years.  Here’s number 2 from June 18, 2012.  It has particular relevance today. 

When my daughter was young, I taught her a phrase – “watch for anomalies.” As a young girl growing up, I wanted her to be keenly aware of her surroundings. To know where the exits are in a restaurant, theater or other public place. And to always be aware of what doesn’t “look right.”   People.  Places.  Things.  Situational profiling.  Which is smart.  What looks out of place.   I cautioned her – if something doesn’t look right, get out.  Go the other way.

I have a feeling that my daughter at the age of 12 could “case” a room as well as anyone. Though today when I say “watch for anomalies,” she’ll usually respond “Oh dad. . . .”

I learned the expression years ago. As a State’s Attorney – working with police – I learned quickly that they watched carefully for anomalies. Situations that don’t look right. Things that look out of place or out of character.

Apart from teaching my granddaughters about music, the guitar, speaking Spanish, how to spit, hitting a golf ball, making spaghetti carbonara, playing poker, doing magic tricks, finding pennies on the street and so on, I want to teach them situational awareness.  And to “watch for anomalies.”

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