Gun Control

Sure.  I believe in gun control.  Background checks.  No automatic weapons.  But does gun control do any good?  Chicago has the toughest gun laws in the nation.  And yet it has the worst gun carnage.  Why?  Part is gangs.  Part is poverty which some of our politicians enable.  Part is the sick glorification of violence in our society (see my post of 1/3/13).  And then there is the erosion of character, religion and destruction of values which is being forced on society by those who call themselves “progressives.”  So guns become the focus.  But how about some perspective on the issue?    

 In 2013, there were 11,208 gun-related homicides.  It’s terrible.    Outrageous.  Yet thanks to the ban on DDT in 1972 (DDT has been shown to have no negative effect on humans or the environment), nearly a million people in Africa die each year.  Does anyone care about them?   America has nearly 40,000 drug deaths each year.  Substance abuse adversely affects 1 in 3 households(!).  Yet our President says “ignore drug laws.”  Who cares?    In 2013, there were 480,000 smoking-related deaths.  Of those roughly 41,000 were due to second hand smoke.  That means spouses, children and co-workers were victims of the smokers.  But tobacco is taxed.  And it’s a matter of “choice.”  So it must be okay.  Except for the 41,000 victims of second hand smoke who didn’t have a choice.   Perspective is tough to ignore.  Depending on your politics. . . . . 

One thought on “Gun Control

  1. Eric Dinkel

    DDT has been shown to have no negative effect on the environment?! Pleae site your source!! That claim is ridiculous.

    Also, to say that just because there are other vectors that cause more human deaths then guns we shouldn’t address the massive gun death issue in our country is absurd. By the same logic we should all stop driving cars (they cause far more deaths than guns). Violent gun deaths remain a significant issue, worth addressing, even if they aren’t the largest vector.

    Your unfocused argument does nothing to offer perspective on America’s violent gun usage issue. It does the opposite, exactly what many love to do, which is to offer distracting, high emotion, totally off topic talking points. (Some of which are totally inaccurate).

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