I Shoulda Known Better

My post – “Temperature Rising” – was pie in the sky. Unreasonable expectation.  The light is out. The candle is extinguished. The day is done. The season is over. The Cubs once again have flopped.  Badly. 

The high hopes had yawned and awakened. That sudden rocket red glare of enthusiasm that came with the October 5th game against the Pirates.  Air pumped into a long flat tire.  But the flame has been doused. Cold water. Ice water. I mean losing 4 games in a row?? Come ON.  My tear-stained TV Forecast now gathers dust on the television.  Knuckles drag on the ground.  A sad face greets the world.  The Cubs have done it again.  The goat is alive and well. 

BUT. . .  just wait ’til next year. . . .