“Show Uhspekt”

My granddaughter (age 3 years 9 months) is going to a pre-school. And she’s learning all sorts of good things. Part of the protocol is teaching the children to show respect to others. That means no hitting, pushing, poking, touching or verbal abuse.  These are all good things for children to learn and for adults to keep in mind. 

Soooooo Donna and I are in the car with Eve in the back seat.  Donna’s shoulder muscles were sore (“oh my neck“) so I reached over and began rubbing.   Vigorously.    Suddenly Eve pipes up from her car seat and said sternly “Popi [that’s me] – show uhspekt.”  Huh?  I looked at her and she repeats “Popi – show uhspekt Noooo touching. . . . “   I took my hand off Donna’s shoulder and Donna gave me a narrow-eyed, thin-lipped smile like “that’ll show you, big guy.”    Eve gave a nod and went back to looking at her book.  “Show uhspekt” was Eve’s rendition of “show respect.”  Next time I get frisky, I know exactly what Donna’s gonna say. . . . . 

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