The Cruise

Donna and I just returned from a cruise that took us from Dubai to Barcelona. 24 days of some amazing stuff and relaxing times.  We were aboard the Regent Seven Seas Voyager in stateroom 1052.  The ship is 670 feet long with a 94 foot “beam” (width).  We spent two days in Doha then flew to Dubai for launch. 

To me, there were four independent dynamics of the trip:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                1.  The Ship — Beautiful, luxurious and outfitted with everything you could imagine — including a putting green and paddle tennis court;   2.  The Staff — The folks working on the ship could not have been nicer or more solicitous.   We wore a perpetual smile given the constant greetings from every crew member;   3.  Food and Wine — Marvelous.  Copious.  You could literally eat and drink all day long.   And some people appeared to take advantage of that.  One guy – I kid you not – wore a t-shirt “How do you expect me to drink all day if I don’t start in the morning.”  This chap usually disappeared from view shortly after noon . . . .; and  4.  The Venues — The itinerary was pretty special (Oman, Aqaba, Wadi Rum [think “Lawrence of Arabia“], Luxor, Petra [think “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade“], Israel, Rhodes, Malta, Cyprus).  The ship sponsored bus tours in all places we stopped though we had private guides in Petra and Israel.  Well worth the extra.   I worked remotely with my laptop and kept up with work fairly well. 

Wonderful trip.  Fantastic photos recorded on a CD by Donna’s sister, Carol.  Indelible memories.      

One thought on “The Cruise

  1. Don Fagerberg

    Jess and I are eager to hear more when we see you Saturday. Don

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