Lemme get this straight.  Illegal immigration is a violation of federal law (as in every other nation).  Yet our government does not enforce its immigration laws.  We hand out drivers licenses, Social Security cards, free education, hospitalization, food stamps, the right to sue.  Even the right to vote in some places.  And the federal government sues states that try to enforce immigration laws.

Freedom of speech is guaranteed by the United States Constitution.  It is an absolute.  But just say the wrong thing or “offend” someone and you can be fired, go to jail or be sued.  Witness the public demonization and eternal branding of anyone caught using a politically-incorrect word or nuance.  The Constitution?  Puh-lease.   Your government and the media know better what speech is permitted.

Drugs – including marijuana – are banned under federal law. It is a crime to possess, sell or transfer.  And yet the federal government turns a blind eye to the open markets for drugs which are springing up around the country.  Selling pot gets a smile and a wink from Uncle Sam even though it’s illegal. 

Federal loans to college students (using taxpayer money) must be paid back.  With interest.  But now, our government is saying it’s okay to delay payment.  Or maybe forget it.   Obligations are ignored.  

There are federal guidelines for quarantines on those with potential communicable diseases.  Those who may have deadly viruses.  But – hey – if you feel okay, you can ignore the quarantine.

There are more and more examples of this.  We live in a new America where some federal laws means nothing.  Soooo I have an idea. Counterfeiting.  We can all use a few extra bucks.  What about running off ten dollar bills on color copy machines?  Or printing bills on your computer?  And using them when going to the market or shoe store?  Maybe pay taxes!  Even though there are federal laws against counterfeiting, I’m sure it will be okay.   Especially if you’re in the country illegally . . . .

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