What keeps you awake at Night?

In my posts of March 19, 2012, and March 23, 2014, I talked about the RH’s remedies for falling (back) to sleep. The one point that I overlooked – and did not discuss – is the issue of “thinking.” What do you think about that keeps you awake at night?

I like most readers will wake up at night and think.  And worry.  I think about work.  What I have to do.  I think about and worry about family.  I think of aches.  Pains.  Problems.  Of family.  Friends.  Me.  I keep a pad of paper by the bed so that if I wake up thinking O’m’gosh – I forgot to . . . . . . .  I can lean over and write it down.  Of course in the morning, I look at what I wrote at 3:00 a.m. and it reads something like “xpoWm snork xipsdf glub greschhleb.”   What the %&*@x! was I trying to remember?

There’s something else that keeps me awake at night.  Maybe it’s just me.  It’s whether I am living up to my potential as a person.  Accomplishing the most I can with my time.  And talent(s).  Doing things that matter.  Being the best father.  Grandfather.  Husband.  Friend.  Attorney.  It’s not a “bucket list” (I really do not like that term as for many it applies to travel and “experience” rather than achievement).  

In the 7th game of the 2006 National League Championship Series,  no one will forget – that Carlos Beltran of the Mets stood there and took a called third strike with the bases loaded and two out.  And the Cards won the Pennant.  When things are drawing to a close, I don’t want to be accused of standing there.  Taking a called third strike.  Having regret about not trying to hit a home run or even a bunt single. Maybe it’s just me.