The Reusable Birthday Card

My wife’s bridge group has a great idea. They reuse birthday cards. All of them find the funniest birthday cards for each other — then they fill out all the information. On a Post-it note. The person’s name is on the envelope — on a Post-it. The sender’s name and inscription is inside the card — on a Post-it. And then they give the cards to the birthday girl at the bridge table or over lunch.  And they laugh and guffaw and yuk it up.   Then the recipient gets to reuse the birthday card — without spending the $4.95 or whatever they cost — for some other lucky recipient.  The card thus brings double and sometimes triple the joy and laughter, saves a few bucks and probably saves a few trees in the process.  Maybe one of these days they’ll have birthday cards where you can fill in the details on a mini Etch-A-Sketch.   

As for Donna — the lucky woman gets an original hand-drawn birthday card for all major celebrations compliments of The Renaissance Hombre. . . .

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