The Default Kitchen

During the day, while I’m at work, I will often talk to Donna.  Since my stomach begins growling shortly after lunch, the big late afternoon question is “what’s for dinner?” I’m always hoping against hope to hear something like “we’re having spaghetti carbonara, turkey sausage, avocado salad and some nice cabernet.” Usually, I hear a comeback like “grilled chicken, asparagus and sweet potatoes – with cherry juice.” Lately, however, when I pose that question, I have occasionally detected a 4 second delay in Donna’s response . . . .

Now I am not as dumb as I look.   So when I hear (or detect) that 4 second delay, I normally jump in with “do you want to go out for dinner?” To which I receive the tell-tale counter “do you?”

When we “go out” for dinner during the week, it’s normally to one of two places: Walker Brothers Pancake House or The Noodle. Most often it’s The Noodle – a small 15 or so table restaurant in Wilmette.  There I can get my pasta fix, some wonderful gazpacho and a glass or two of Liberty School cab.  The food is always good, the wine is tops and the people are terrific. 

On those days when things are hectic at home, we will order carry out from the Noodle.  The Noodle has become something of a “default kitchen.”  It’s nice to know it’s there if we need it. 

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