Sand Lot Baseball

When I was a kid, I played sand lot baseball. We would get 15 to 20 guys on any given Saturday morning in the park by Sunset School.  Two of the older boys (age 12 or 13) would pick the teams. “Meyer” “Shutt” “Kaspari” “Wilkes” “Knox” “Barsi” “Hudson” and so on. “Petersen” was usually one of the last picked.  But no hard feelings. And the game would begin.  Boys ran the game. There were no adult coaches or overseers. When a kid slid into second base and the tag was close, 10 year old boys would decide “safe” or “out.” Sometimes there would be an argument. A shove. Then it was back to baseball. It worked like a charm. . . . Regulations were not needed.  We made the rules as we went along. . . . . and they were fair.    

Government, however, is different.  We are the most regulated country in the world (not to mention the most heavily-taxed).  And it’s getting worse.  Layers and layers and more layers of laws, ordinances, regulations, policies and such.   And there is a tax on everything.   Government grows incrementally.  Counties.  Cities.  Districts.  Municipalities.  Townships.  Each with its own rules.  And regulations.   Whereas it used to be that (not long ago) 1 out of 15 of those employed in America were government workers, today it is 1 out of 4.6 (Bureau of Labor Statistics).   And most earn more than they would in the private sector.  The government does not trust its citizens to play sand lot baseball.  The government trusts no one to make decisions for themselves.   No.  The government wants to regulate every aspect of your life and make decisions for you.   It grows.  With more employees.  More taxes.  And lately with monitoring of your every phone call or email.  Sound cynical?  If you disagree, call me – I have a bridge I’d like to sell you in Brooklyn. . . . .

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