In college, I had a few really great courses. The most useful was the year long course on first aid which ended with me getting a Civil Defense medical responder card (remember – this was 1966).  This knowledge has come in very handy over the years.   But of all the subjects I studied — in high school and in college — the best course I ever took (one which serves me on a daily basis) was typing.

I am able to type the way one is meant to type. Accurately. Fast.  Fingers flying (whooosh!).  None of this two finger business.  I often type my own letters, reports and emails at a speed of perhaps 60 words a minute with minimal error.  Typing.  What a value-added learning tool for a young person today.  But do schools teach typing the way they did?  I dunno but if not, we should put it back on the menu. 

Do you know the longest word that you can write using the letters on the top row of a typewriter or keyboard?  I do. . . .  “Typewriter.”  Yep. . . .

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