The Wedding Ring

I find things.  As a kid I found Indian artifacts and detritus on Civil War battlefields (see post of 2/12/12).  Today, I find wallets, money, cell phones and jewelry (see post of 8/1/12).  Just by being observant. 

A few weeks ago, I was at O’Hare Field with my family.  Terminal 3 American Airlines.  Standing in front of a self-service check-in thingee.  Going through the ritual.  And I look down.  There is this circular object on the floor.  At first it looks like a small bare key ring.   My gaze sharpens a bit.  I bend down and pick it up.  It’s a wedding ring.   A man’s wedding ring.  I look around then squint at the inside.  There’s an inscription – a date in 2002 and the name “Rosa.”  I raise my voice inquiringly to those nearby — “Rosa”?   The only looks I get are the curious — not the that’s me or someone I know look.   I padded over to one of the AA stations (no. 39 as I recall) and I told the woman behind the counter that I’d found a wedding ring and that the inscription said “Rosa.”  I did not share the date.  I asked if she could make an announcement.  And she did.  Inside the entire terminal.  “Anyone losing an item that relates to Rosa please report to station thirty-nine.”   Now I had to catch a plane so I gave the woman my card and a few details on the ring and went on my way.   Ring in my left pocket.  As we walked, I heard the announcement a second – then third – time. 

Since then I’ve heard nothing.  I called the TSA and AA Lost & Found stations.  They have the details.   I sent an email to AA execs suggesting a post on Facebook about the ring.  But there’s been only silence. 

I have the ring on my desk at home.  Waiting.  In the bowl where I keep “found” money – and things.  I’d like to get a call.   I’m sure Rosa is standing there, arms akimbo, asking her hubby “where did you leave your wedding ring” and the poor soul is going “duhhh I dunno.”  If you have any ideas on how to get Rosa’s hubby out of big trouble, let me know.