Setting a Bad Example

Lauren was about 3 years old.   I remember the moment.  It was a sunny day.  We were standing on a bridge looking down on a bubbling stream.  Several rocks jutted out from the rushing water — just below the bridge.  

Now understand that when guys are standing on a bridge, looking down, there is a genetic hardwiring that impulses every man to do something.   Spit.  So, without thinking,  I did and hit a rock down below.  Lauren thought this was really neat.  Lauren giggled and she puckered her lips and began drooling royally.  Smiles.  🙂  Laughs.  🙂 More drool.   “Noooo Sweetheart.  This way — ‘pffft’.”  And I hit the rock again.   More drool.  Laughs.  Smiles.  More drool.  Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.  I guess it really is a guy thing. . . . . (sigh). . . . .

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