I don’t mean to sound snooty but I really do not watch television. I watch “Squawk Box” on CNBC for perhaps 20 minutes while I have my breakfast. I will watch snippets of an occasional Chicago Bears football game (if they are in the hunt) or maybe“Honeymooners” episode (see June 7, 2012).

Last year, Donna got video recordings of the first two seasons of “Downton Abbey.” She asked if I would watch with her. I said – quite flatly – “No.” She said “please.” I responded “I’d rather not.” And started to walk away. That’s when she pulled the “You know I would really like for you to watch – just an hour – of this program with me.” Now I am not quite as dumb as I look and I read into this request all that might lay behind it. So I  turned, smiled and said “sure.” And I watched.  The first hour of “Downton Abbey.” 

When she leaned over and said “do you want to watch the second episode?” I said (without much coaxing) “sure.”

I know some of you may not “watch t.v.” I can relate. However let me offer my observation that “Downton Abbey” is not just t.v. It is wonderful — and well-worth the time spent — programming.  I now can’t wait for Sunday night.  If you’re going on vacation, get the first and second seasons on DVD (so you have context). 

I still don’t watch television apart from the occasional Bears game, “Honeymooners” episode or “Squawk Box.” But I do watch “Downton Abbey.” WOW!

One thought on “Television

  1. Ed Bomsey

    Right on, Scott! Rayna and I watch it and also love it. It will be a darned shame when …. dies as the character will be sorely missed.

    Ed B.

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