The Masters

Last weekend, I saw my first commercial for THE MASTERS. If there is anything that can swat the winter doldrums, it is a reminder that THE MASTERS is not far away.

THE MASTERS is one of four “Major” PGA golf tournaments played each year. Unlike most tournaments, THE MASTERS is always hosted by Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, GA. The tournament was first played in 1934 (the year after the Club opened) and adopted the present – iconic – name in 1939.  The tradition of the GREEN JACKET began in 1949.  Interestingly, the course played the first two years with the back nine as the front and the front as the back.  At the end of 1935 it was changed permanently to the current order.  Prior to being a golf course, Augusta National was a plant nursery.  Each hole today is named after a plant or shrub with which it has become associated. 

There have been some truly amazing shots and plays at THE MASTERS.  There have been 73 holes in one with a record five in 2002!  Do yourself a favor and sit back for four minutes and 22 seconds and watch three of the most amazing golf shots in THE MASTERS’ (and golf) history.  I saw all of these live (on t.v.).  One day I hope to add a great shot of my own to this mix.  No, I’m not gonna hold my breath. . . . – 1 minute 3 seconds – 2 minutes 18 seconds (I get tears in my eyes watching this one) – 1 minute 1 second

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