Say what you will about Tiger Woods, in my opinion, he has been good for the game of golf. Make that great for the game of golf. While we all might criticize or condemn the actions which led to his fall from grace, it is not a distraction from the greatness of his golf game.  Tiger’s exploits on the links are legendary.  His prowess with wedge and putter has spurred tens of thousands of young people into the game.  His success over the years sparked an uptick in rounds played.  And he has a foundation that provides palpable benefit. . . . . 

On any Sunday afternoon when Tiger is in the hunt, what red-blooded golfer doesn’t at least turn a weather eye toward the television?  I was there on the big screen 50 yard line watching Tiger win his 8th at Torrey Pines on Sunday.  Wow!  Sure Phil, Rory, Bubba and others play a role.  But I think it’s still Tiger who draws the crowds.  And he’s got a few years left. . . .  

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