Wine Pairings. . .

I have received mild — but friendly — criticism about my wine suggestions with recent postings on cooking fish (I suggested Caymus cab with walleyed pike and Wild Horse pinot noir with tilapia).   The criticism can be distilled into the following – “white wine always goes with fish.”   

I am aware of the conventional (though in my opinion, somewhat archaic) wisdom which suggests white wine is mandatory with fish and red wine with red meats.  However I am also guided by the old Danish saying De gustibus non est disputandum.  Meaning – there must not be debate concerning one’s tastes (yes I know it’s not Danish. . . . ).  And I am guided by more contemporary articles on the subject such as the Wine Enthusiast which suggests that a pinot noir may be just ducky for lighter fish and more bold reds for fish with sauce (see ). 

Perhaps I should also share my bias — that I do not drink white wine unless it is served to me in which case I smile and sip.  This predilection probably has a lot to do with my wine recommendations.   

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